Guidelines for a guided tour in a local company and/or an interview with a representative of a local company on globalisation of the working world and economy



Range of Topics and Issues


Description of a local company


-          name

-          location

-          line / branch of business

-          products / services

-          legal form of the company (public company / stock corporation, family business, …)

-          number of employees

-          business volume and profit

-          web address

-          head office / corporate headquarters: Which impression does the visitor get from the building and the foyer?



Globalisation of the company


-          survey of worldwide locations

-          corporate structure and international division of labour

-          number of employees in international locations

-          business volume and profit in international locations

-          Why do companies have international locations – why do they invest abroad?

-          What are the advantages of the various locations?

-          Markets


-          problems with locations abroad – are there different corporate cultures (communication between employees, team work, relationship between chief executive and staff, independence, competition among staff, …)                                  in international locations?


-          Are there different standards of work and production in international locations?


-          Does the company have the same business principles / mission statement  in all the locations? Which aims / norms / standards are mentioned?

-          Does the expansion of the company change the business principles and corporate culture?



Globalisation of the working world


-          Have the demands on employees changed? à mobility, knowledge of foreign languages,…

-          Which languages are spoken in the company? Which language is used for which purpose?

-          Are there problems of communication between employees in different countries (à corporate culture, language, …)

-          Do company employees in different countries deal differently with

o        conflicts among employees

o        conflicts between chief executive and staff

o        difficult tasks (àstrategies of problem solving, …)

-          Which role do workers’ and employees’ representation play in the company?

-          Has corporate power changed in relation to  workers’ and employees’ power?

-          Is there competition among international branches of the company? Does this influence the local / national branch?



-          Is work experience abroad important for professional success in the company?

-          Is work experience abroad important to get a job in the company?

-          How many foreign employees does the company have in their national branch?

-          Which role do the families of employees have? Does the company make special offers to family members of foreign employees?


General Assessment


-          Are there differences between European and American companies? If yes – which?

-          Are there differences between European and Asian companies? If yes – which?



-          Characterize European companies with regard to American and Asian companies.


-          What is higher concerning your country: the chances or risks of globalization?


-          How do you assess the future role of your country concerning international competition?


-          What are the most important tasks of your country’s economic policy?


-          What is your advice for students who want to increase their chances of finding a job and having a career?


-          What are your recommendations for students concerning academic studies and choosing a career?